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Our established and profitable family business located in Bedford Park, IL, comprised of two distribution divisions, seeks an experienced Controller/Office Manager to join our thriving team. 
Reporting to the President, the Controller is a vital part of our operation, working closely with the CEO on all areas of accounting including, financial recordkeeping and reporting, payroll processing, Human Resource Management and Bank and Insurance Carrier Communications.  The ideal candidate will be a reliable, trustworthy, hardworking individual with the ability to respect all employees as a team player.
Our fast pace cutting edge company requires the Controller to be a self starter, personable, well organized individual with the ability to provide the utmost customer service to both our internal and external customers.  This complex role is an excellent opportunity for an individual looking for a reliable, steady, yet challenging career.
To the Controller we offer:
  • Competitive salary with first year target range of $50,000 - $80,000
  • Comprehensive Medical insurance
  • Paid time off, vacation
  • Continuing Education opportunities
  • Ability to participate in the 401k
  • Friendly, autonomous yet supportive work environment
  • Steady, consistent work load
Our company is growing at a fast pace. We are family oriented, hard working and pride ourselves on our superior customer service and our innovative products and services.
Major duties and responsibilities:
  • Overseeing clerical staff and company HR functions  
  • Preparation of all accounting and financial reporting, including monthly closing of P&L statements, balance sheets, payroll, inventory valuation and government filing
  • Develop operating budgets with department managers, with monthly variance reporting and analysis.
  • Cash flow management, including rolling cash flow analysis, A/P, A/R,  and collections
  • Provide KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure critical areas of company performance
  • Provide timely reports to bank and maintain excellent current banking relationship
  • Coordinate annual audits and reviews, both financial and tax, with CPA firm
  • Identify and implement missing systems or procedures to improve profitability of business
  • Develop full utilization and capability of newly upgraded Nav4 Dynamics (formerly Navision) computer system   
Skills and abilities required:
  • Current experience as controller or CFO highly desirable
  • 7+ years progressive experience in finance and accounting with experience in consolidating statements from multi business entities
  • BA degree required, with related advanced degree or CPA progressive or experience desirable
  • Must be highly computer literate in all Microsoft Office programs -  Word, Excel and Outlook Experience with mid size computer systems required
  • Nav4 Dynamics (Navision) experience is a strong plus
  • Human Resources experience is a plus
  • Qualified candidate will be highly self motivated, hands on, possess excellent communication and problem solving skills
We are an equal opportunity employer.

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