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Accounts Receivable Manager
Buffalo, NY  14206

Central Heating & Cooling, Inc., a locally owned and operated residential heating and cooling company, is seeking an ambitious Accounts Receivable Manager to join our close-knit, thriving team. The Accounts Receivable Manager will be responsible for guiding us through transitions, developing and implementing new systems as well as entering orders, billing and processing payment for service repairs, customer relations (ensuring our customers are satisfied at all times), calculating payroll hours for technicians, managing accounts receivable and assisting the Office Manager with various functions as necessary. The ideal candidate will have the ability to move between projects,assist with software upgrade and have advanced Excel skills. This goal-oriented, self motivated role will provide ample opportunities for career growth.


We are looking for a candidate with the right attitude, bookkeeping/accounting background, the ability to create an action plan for their daily tasks and thrives in a fast-paced environment. Though experience in the heating and cooling industry is preferred, we will train individuals on the in's and out's of our business who match our dedication to excellence. Most importantly, the Accounts Receivable Specialist will mesh well with our unique, team-oriented culture. Our tight-knit team functions as a family, providing unlimited support without fear of strict oversight.


The ideal candidate has exceptional verbal and written communication skills, excellent follow through and is highly organized.  This job calls for those who can work well autonomously but also in collaboration with others.  This role is an excellent opportunity to use your skill set and advance your career with our forward thinking, fast-paced, energetic team.


To the right Accounts Receivable Manager we offer:

  • $45,000 - $55,000 annual salary, commensurate with experience
  • Health insurance which includes a $250 yearly Wellness Card
  • Retirement plan
  • PTO

Our company prides itself on our diligence and commitment to the clients we serve. Our entire team, including the President, is willing and able to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. With that said, our team values a fun work environment, and we make an effort to keep spirits high in the office. A career move to our expert heating and cooling business will ensure that you enjoy what you do, experience variety in your day-to-day activity, and enjoy the people you work with. If you want to work at a company where you’ll make an impact and where the owner cares about each and every individual on staff, this is the place for you.


Duties and Responsibilities for the Accounts Receivable Manager Include:

  • Daily input of all service orders for Service Technicians and Installers, send invoices and process payments
  • Computation/reconciliation of technicians hours for payroll
  • Manage accounts receivables
  • Set up internal payment plans for customers
  • Review, process and submit external financing agreements
  • Cross train on some of the financial responsibilities of the Office Manager

Requirements for the Accounts Receivable Manager Include:

  • Bachelor’s degree preferably in Business, Finance or Accountin
  • Advanced Excel skills and computer minded to assist with softward upgrade
  • Convey and satisfy customer needs with exceptional customer service
  • Maintain a working relationship with office staff and installation/service personnel
  • Ability to develop positive rapport with a wide variety of individuals
  • Must maintain confidentiality at all times

No direct calls or emails, please.  Apply via the confidential application below. You must attach a resume to be considered. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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