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As a leader in early childhood education, Childcare Network is currently seeking a Cook for one of our schools. Join our team of caring adults who help us meet our corporate promise of being “The Working Parent’s Best Friend”. You will have a chance to be part of a supportive team and make a difference in the lives of children. Our primary objective at each school is to provide a fun atmosphere that supports the education and safety of the children in our care.


Salary: $7.25 - $9.00 per hour


Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance all available on a pretax basis, 401K, childcare assistance, paid holidays, paid sick time, paid vacation time, and tuition assistance.


 Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

·         Attend all center staff meetings

·         Maintain positive interactions with staff, children, and families of the school

·         Follow all policies as designated by state licensing and by CNI

·         Prepare the food served to the children in accordance with the meal patterns required by the childcare food program

·         Follow the menus that have been developed and notify the director of any deviation from the posted menu

·         Wash, rinse and sanitize dishes and pots/ pans and replace on shelves

·         Work with the director to order monthly food items

·         Pull all back dated food items forward upon the arrival of new food order and put new food on shelves and in containers

·         Wear a hair net at all times

·         Maintain a high level of cleanliness in accordance with the standards set by the division of environmental health

·         Perform cleaning duties including scour sinks, straighten and wipe out refrigerator, wipe down stove and fan, empty garbage after lunch and at the end of the day, sweep and mop kitchen floor, clean and sanitize office/staff bathrooms, clean oven, clean trash can with bleach and water, clean counter tops with bleach and water, defrost and clean out freezers, clean, sweep and mop laundry room, dust shelves in kitchen and laundry room, and use fresh wash rinse sterile water in sinks between washing

·         Assist with preparing all paperwork required by the food program including meal counts and production records

·         Willing to do other duties as assigned


Childcare Network’s staff take pride in their professional conduct. We are a family of workers who are dedicated, disciplined, and committed to the pursuit of excellence. Individual judgment is encouraged and is considered a valuable part of an employees job performance. A high standard of ethical and moral conduct has given our parents expectations of our staff to be honest, reliable, hard-working people who provide first-class service.



  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Minimum of CDA required
  • Experience preparing meals for a large number of people
  • Enjoy working with children
  • Must attend or have attended a Food Handler's Workshop
  • Must pass a criminal background check



Please complete the following information.  Then press the "Submit Application" button at the bottom. You may attach a resume at the bottom of the page. We recommend that you attach an MS-Word document. You have 45 minutes to complete the application.

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Do you specialize in particular courses or features of a meal? If so what are they?

You have prepared the lunch meal for the children and you find out that one of the children has an allergy to an item that is being served. The child's parents have not provided a replacement item. What would you do?

The menu requires that you serve certain items. When you arrive one morning, you find that the items that were ordered for that day's meal have not been delivered. What would you do?

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Attach your resume here. We accept a maximum file size of 100 KB in MSWord (.doc and .docx), PDFs (.pdf), Plain Text (.txt) and RichText (.rtf) formats. If you are applying from a mobile device you may not be able to attach your resume. Email it, include JobID #2802 in the subject line, and the folks at NewHire will attach it for you. Emailed resumes without applications will not be accepted.

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