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Head Chef of Japanese Cuisine - San Antonio
San Antonio, TX  78249


Head Chef of Japanese Cuisine

If you are a Highly Experienced Head Chef who thrives in a fast-paced,
high-energy environment, then we have a terrific opportunity for you! We are a multi-location,
full-service family of restaurants with a growing, one-of-a-kind and exciting concept that is both guest and employee centered.

Established in 2001, Sushi Zushi has since grown to be the leader of Sushi in San Antonio. After successfully entering and sustaining their presence in the San Antonio, Dallas and Austin markets despite a tough economy, Sushi Zushi has increase profitability every year and is moving forward in expanding throughout the state of Texas and beyond.

Sushi Zushi's "Joy of Sushi" philosophy is focused on guiding guests to discover traditional and unique Japanese cuisine.

Sushi Zushi's "Joy of Sushi" philosophy is focused on guiding guests to discover traditional and unique Japanese cuisine. Through highly individualized service in an inviting contemporary setting, taste-buds are locked in for an exciting culinary journey. The menu features a stimulating blend of high-quality, traditional and Avant-garde Japanese cuisine combined with American hospitality in a casual yet sophisticated and contemporary bistro setting.

We are seeking an Experienced, highly skilled Head Chef to leads the restaurant-level execution of the company’s culinary objectives to achieve best-in-class standards regarding food preparation for consistent high quality taste and presentation, menu innovation and creativity, sanitation and cleanliness, labor and food cost controls, culinary and back of the house staff supervision and development, and ensuring adherence to all standards.

  • Supervise back of house staff to implement all food production standards through the use of recipes, SOPs, checklists, etc., to achieve high quality consistency, to meet food and labor cost goals to achieve profit goals, and compliance with all work standards.
  • Effective staffing and scheduling of all BOH staff to meet production and service requirements, and attain profit goals.
  • Implement on-going back of house training to ensure high performing teams that flawlessly prepare all dishes and adhere to all company standards.
  • Effective execution of all kitchen opening and closing responsibilities.
  • Work on the sushi line or hot line in a production role as a working supervisor to ensure high staff engagement and to monitor the work.
  • Engage in greeting and interacting with guests on a regular basis to build relations and gauge the level of service and quality of food provided.
  • Execute effectively upon a variety of approved culinary activities such as menu specials and features, sake pairings, private dinners, catering events, marketing events, charity events, television or other such public appearances, etc., whether original or from corporate.
  • Ensure adequate inventory levels for all applicable products, and practice effective inventory control.
  • Ensure compliance with all work safety standards, all sanitation and food safety standards.
  • High School Diploma or GED required, culinary degree or training preferred
  • Experience as a chef in sushi and Japanese cuisine, 5+ years
  • Excellent knife skills in deboning and fileting fish such as Salmon or other similar fish
  • Subject matter expert in sushi and Japanese cuisine
  • Experience supervising staff, 5+ years
  • Experience delivering training on sushi and Japanese food, 5+  years
  • Extensive understanding of food health and sanitation standards, kitchen safety standards, and following compliance programs, 5+ years
  • Competitive Salary.
  • Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance.
  • Corporate Assigned Company Vehicle.
  • Generous Paid Time-Off Program.
  • Discount Meal Program.

Sushi Zushi is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Please complete the following information.  Then press the "Submit Application" button at the bottom. You may attach a resume at the bottom of the page. We recommend that you attach an MS-Word document. You have 45 minutes to complete the application.

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Do you have experience in the following areas.
Traditional Japanese Dishes

Which of the following positions have you held in the restaurant industry?
Head Chef
Sushi Chef
Line cook

Do you specialize in particular courses or features of a meal? If so, what are they?

Tell me about the different styles of sushi and how they are constructed. (Sushi as nigiri, maki, urimaki, sashimi, etc.)

What is your strongest station/skill set? What is your weakest area in the kitchen?

A server comes into the kitchen on a busy Saturday night and explains that she has a customer with severe food allergies, who is requesting special preparation of a standard menu item. Describe what you would do in this situation

Please describe some of the methods and tactics you like to use to motivate staff and boost employee moral?

In you experience as a Chef, how have you monitored the inventory for cost control?

Part of this position is the ability to train our staff to execute at the highest level consistently. How would you accomplish this?

Where did you learn about this open position? (Indicate the website, job board, referring individual or newspaper.)

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