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Vice President of Sales - Manufacturing
Oklahoma City , OK  73135

This job is currently closed and is not accepting applicants. Contact NewHire for further information.

Now is the Time to capitalize on your Global Sales Leadership Experience with a
successful Industrial Product Manufacturing Company located in Oklahoma City!
Well established manufacturing company is expanding and hiring a Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Work with a team of likeminded professionals focused on growth and high performance. The role is responsible for providing strategic leadership and working with the Senior Leadership team to drive growth and retention. This will be done by fostering a spirit of continuous improvement, breaking down and analyzing processes, and establishing a strong team with goals, milestones and timelines.
To the right candidates we offer:
  • Base plus commission with 1st year on-target earnings of $140,000 to $160,000
  • Uncapped income potential with 2nd year on-target earnings of $160,000+
  • Benefits package including health, dental, 401K, paid time off
  • Leadership training for professional and personal development
  • International travel opportunities
  • Positive, high-achieving work environment                                       
A local manufacturing business allowing the right candidate to make a significant impact on the direction of the company.  Long tenured employees.  Excellent reputation in the industry.   Family owned and has been a leader in manufacturing for over 50 years and is expanding their Senior Leadership team.  Be a part of introducing new product lines, worldwide expansion, and cultivating a solid sales team!
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Managing and developing 5-7 Sales professionals
  • Analyzing current business structure to recommend future structure and sales strategies
  • Managing high level accounts, prospecting to top level decision makers
  • Oversee Marketing department along with brand development
  • Creating and tracking sales leading indicators
  • Business and Financial planning with Senior management team
Requirements or experience:
  • 10-15 years sales/prospecting experience
  • 3-5 years sales management experience
  • History working with international distributors is a +
  • Sales transactions of $1,000 to $100,000
  • Experience managing financials and business plans
  • Building and executing sales teams and sales strategies
  • Experience in an entrepreneurial environment or having the ability to independently think like an owner
  • Sandler Training and/or experience with CRM is a +


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