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I’m having trouble attaching my resume to my application. What can I do?

We accept a resume with a maximum file size of 200 KB in MSWord (.doc and .docx), PDFs (.pdf), Plain Text (.txt) and RichText (.rtf) formats.

If you are applying from a mobile device, you can attach a resume from Google Drive or DropBox. If you get an error message when using files stored in the cloud, double check the file sharing permissions are set properly.

If you cannot attach your resume to the application please email ( it to us and include the JOB ID in the subject line so the folks at NewHire can better assist you. There are 2 places to locate your NewHire JOB ID. The first is in your web browser’s address bar on the application page. As seen below, the four or five digit JOB ID is located after the “job=” phrase:

NewHire URL Job ID

The other place to find the NewHire Job ID associated with a given position is at the bottom of the application page, in the instructions for attaching a resume. 

NewHire Application Job ID

Can I use NewHire™ to find other job openings?

YES! Visit our job board, where you'll find many employment opportunities.

Do I have to provide my personal information like graduation date, citizenship status, phone number, or email to view a job posting?

NewHire doesn not require candidates to provide this type of personal information to VIEW a job posting or pre-employment application!

If you are asked to provide personal information to view the job posting or an employment application, that request is not from NewHire or the employers using NewHire. Visit the NewHire job board to view positions without the hassle. 

I reached a page that says "Sorry, Job # XXXX is no longer available!" What does that mean?

If you reached this page, the job title and location that you were trying to apply for is no longer collecting applications. Check out our job board to find out if a similar position is available in your area. 

Do I have to fill out the entire questionnaire? 

We recommend that you complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability. Answering questions that the employer thinks are important is the first step in showing that you are a serious applicant and qualified for the job posting.

Where do the applications come from?

Employers with job openings create custom questionnaires tailored to the specific position being filled.

How can I find out the name of the company who created this job posting?

You may not be able to get this information. Postings may be blind at the discretion of the employer. There are many reasons an employer may choose not to include detailed contact information. With that said, as the process progresses, the employer will likely make more information available to you.

I clicked “submit” and got a NewHire Webpage with an error message stating “Sorry, no job was found with that Job Number.” What do I do?

Two reasons you might get this message:

1. You have disabled cookies in your browser. Disabling cookies also disables some of the session variables that NewHire uses. NewHire leaves no cookies, so you can reset your privacy settings for the duration of your application, then reset it once you’ve hit submit.
2. Your session expired while you were working. NewHire applications have a time limit of 1 hour, after that the page expires.

I clicked “submit” and got a “page cannot be found” message that includes the http error message number in the 500s

This means that your internet connection was dropped during your session.

I clicked “submit” and got a “page cannot be found” message that includes the http error message number in the 400s

This means that the NewHire Server is temporarily down. In this event, our team is likely scrambling to make things right again, so please visit our site later in the day and complete your application.