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Attract and engage high-quality talent from all over the web in one place. Interview and hire as many as you want. No per-head fees. No percentages. Just better hiring.




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How it Works:
Prepare to recruit lightbulb
1. Prepare to Recruit

Define your target candidate profile with a NewHire Staffing expert. Get attractive recruitment advertising.

Candidate Pool
2. Source

Set a budget and see the highest quantity and quality of candidates available from within your recruitment budget.

Candidate screening magnifying glass
3. Screen

Pre-screen candidates with custom questions for each job. Minimize bias & maximize time with qualified candidates

4. Interview

Engage candidates and track progress all in one place with a NewHire Staffing Expert to help manage the work

Assessment checklist
5. Assess

Assess skills, behaviors, and background of top candidates with a suite of validated recruitment assessments

hiring handshake
6. Hire

Interview and hire as many candidates as you need. No more per-head fees. Just simple hiring.



"It was like having my own team to help with the work. I found a great person and match for the position.  

I will be using NewHire again and again."

Dave Younge, Business Owner
Progressive Stamping



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