Why Your Company Should Be Using Social Recruiting

Rhonda Howell —  November 18, 2015 — Leave a comment

Social recruiting is becoming increasingly prevalent with companies, surpassing the use of traditional recruiting. Social recruiting is defined as recruiting candidates by using social media platforms. Popular social media sites that are used for recruiting include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Branchout, Viadeo and XING. These social sites can be used to effectively source out candidates.

So the big question is why should recruiters use social recruiting in addition to traditional recruiting? One of the biggest reasons is the enormous reach that social media has today. According to Statista Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the top three social media platforms today. Facebook has 936 million daily users, Twitter has 300 million monthly active users and LinkedIn has 364 million members.

According to a study done by Jobvite here is the breakdown of the number of jobseekers using social media platforms for their job search activities.


Other important reasons to use social recruiting along with  traditional recruiting is social recruiting can focus on multiple goals at one time as traditional recruiting has only a single focus. In addition, there are multiple benefits that social recruiting will provide for an organization that traditional recruiting will not.

Social Recruiting Benefits:

1.       Find Quality Candidates

Social recruiting will allow you to connect with the potential candidate and get to know them better through social media. For example the type of content and tweets that the potential candidate posts will give you a glimpse of the candidates personality, interests, industry knowledge, etc. This will give the recruiter some foresight to see if the candidate may be a good fit with the company culture.

2.       Build a Great Company Brand

Social recruiting can build your company brand and foster a great reputation.  Twitter will allow you to boost your brand visibility by engaging with jobseekers through tweets and post positive information about the company which will promote a good reputation.  On Twitter your company can share links from your company blog which will provide great insight to the jobseeker on your company culture and industry news. Facebook can provide the candidate the opportunity to see how you interact with customers regarding your products and services. LinkedIn can provide the potential candidate the opportunity to actively participate in industry group discussions which will give them great visibility to recruiters.  A person who is social media savvy can be an attractive candidate to a company which the company can envision the potential candidate helping the company brand by contributing to sharing posts and spreading the word about the company’s philanthropy and company initiatives that affect the industries they work in and communities they serve.

3.       Help Establish The Company Mission / Promote Company Culture

Social recruiting can bring additional benefits to your organization by helping establish the company mission and promote your company culture. Experienced and educated job seekers tend to place a high importance on a company’s mission. Therefore, if you want to attract the best talent your company mission must be attractive and compelling for a job seeker to want to join your team. The job seeker also must feel like they will fit in well with your company culture. The potential employee will want to feel comfortable in an environment in which they are able to thrive in and successfully contribute to fulfilling the company goals.

What is the future of social recruiting? With social networking being increasingly prevalent users have become both consumers and content producers which will create a higher level of engagement between users and companies. With this higher level of engagement companies and recruiters will need to provide more robust company profiles along with employment opportunities online. To be successful with this new form of recruiting companies and recruiters will have to increase their online presence. This will change your recruiting strategy tremendously. Recruiters will need to switch to an ongoing commitment to recruiting instead of sporadic recruiting practices. This will catapult many recruiters into an entirely new era of recruiting which will change the way you approach recruiting forever.

Rhonda Howell


Rhonda is an Account Manager. She is a graduate of Michigan State University and has a diverse background in sales, marketing, and teaching Business to undergraduate college students. In her free time she enjoys volunteering her time and talents to her church and other non-profit organizations.

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