Finding The Top Talent in Chicago Donuts

Nicole Johnson —  August 11, 2015 — 1 Comment

Here at NewHire we work in a collaborative work environment with an open office space. Naturally, ideas come to life as we chat and learn more about co-workers by sitting right next to them with no barriers! One of the great things about working this way is that you can find exciting things to do weekly that are fun that most people will participate in as they are always nearby. All of us at NewHire have found that exciting thing to be food! Who doesn’t love a snack shared by the group?

We set out on a journey to find the “best of” in Chicago. We couldn’t randomly choose foods every week, we wanted it to have a solid end result. So, we focused in on a favorite breakfast treat: DONUTS!

Each Friday, either a co-worker volunteered to bring donuts from a different place, or the office collected donations and one person volunteered to pick them up. Depending on the cost, we purchased an assortment of 6-12 donuts per Friday. But how could you share just a few donuts among a big group of people? Well, we figured out pretty quickly that the best way to share and judge was by sampling each donut. So we cut all the donuts in small pieces, tasted, and then, yes, we rated each donut individually on a shared spreadsheet. We enjoyed eating donuts for 8 weeks!

Check out our rankings for the best donuts below!



What’s next for NewHire? Pizza! We enjoyed the weekly treats so much that we decided to continue with an improved plan. Now we are setting out to find the tastiest pizza in Chicago! What are you doing that’s fun for your office? Please comment and let us know what you think makes your business a great place to work!

Nicole Johnson


Nicole is the Advertising Coordinator for NewHire. She will get your advertising up and running in no time! Originally from Arizona, Nicole is a new Chicagoan adjusting to life in the city. Nicole loves to get crafty – from crochet to baking – she’s your go-to for all things handmade.

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