Progressive Stamping & The Recruiting Journey With NewHire Elements Service

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This is a true story about a mid-sized manufacturing company in Oklahoma that needed some help finding the right person for their job…


For any company, recruiting can be a daunting task. From putting the ad together and advertising to managing a large pile of applications and resumes – the entire process can be a headache for business owners or hiring managers who don’t have the right tools in place before they start. Especially when you are stuck handling the process single handedly or on a small team, screening alone can dominate your time. Much of this is true for companies in the manufacturing industry – companies like Progressive Stamping, who reached out to NewHire.

When Dave Younge, President at Progressive Stamping, initially contacted NewHire, he expressed interest in establishing a recruiting process and getting assistance filling an Account Manager position.

“I wanted a person that would be a good fit to our organization’s culture.  I did not want a person who had great skills and experience but was a poor person with whom to work.  I shared this concern with Sean Little (Account Manager) and asked how NewHire could make that happen.  He demonstrated the technology and explained how they could customize the application.” – Dave Younge – President of Progressive Stamping

He needed the framework to get started, and then he would be able to drive the hiring process forward on his own. With these things in mind, he purchased our NewHire Elements service.

The NewHire Elements service started collaboratively. I served as Progressive Stamping’s own Staffing Coordinator for this particular position, and created the customized advertisement and the screening questions after a 40-45 minute call with Dave. Together, we got to the root of the job by asking him a variety of comprehensive questions that drew answers that could be used to craft the job advertisement. These questions focused on everything from their company culture and work environment to the job’s specific duties and requirements. It became apparent during the call that Progressive Stamping wanted an Account Manager that would mesh well with their staff, and could also maintain a great relationship with existing customers. Once all of these questions were answered and the advertisement was crafted, I created some customized screening questions for the candidates that would help identify top performers from those who didn’t meet our search criteria. These ranged from asking their years of experience in account management to their ideal work setting. This also entailed creating four different varieties of questions, including radio (multiple choice), checkbox, short answer, and memo (long answer). A variety of question types allowed Dave to later narrow his pool of candidates to a qualified group he could start to contact.

In addition to customizing their questions, Progressive Stamping was able to utilize our Auto Email feature which can send candidates a message immediately after applying for the position. We used this as a resource to insert a link for next steps with their company to complete a sales assessment. After a quick set up, each candidate who applied for the job received a message that explained the next steps in the application process.



As part of the NewHire Elements package, the job was advertised on all of the major job boards NewHire partners with. When this job was advertised our ad package included Indeed, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Glassdoor, SimplyHired, and even our own job board on the NewHire website. We also posted the job to social media and a few other boards that we are connected with. Not only did the job get exposure to a wide variety of channels, but Dave also had peace of mind that he didn’t have to post the jobs himself. We did the posting work – so there was no navigating, copying, pasting, or coding for Dave to worry about. Our premium ad package is always changing to ensure that our clients are getting the best bang for their buck and the best advertising available to fill their candidate pools.  All there is left to do after advertising is determining which candidate to contact first! As candidates started to flow in, Dave was given the training he needed to sort, search, mark, and track candidates in order to narrow down the pool to meet the qualifications.

But it doesn’t stop there. NewHire is dedicated to giving ongoing support regardless if you are purchasing additional services or not. We will stick with you until you hire! So in Dave’s case, we kept close contact as candidates came in for assistance as needed.

“The best part of the experience was the follow up from Sean and Nicole.  They checked in with me regularly to be sure I was getting the results I desired.

I found a great person and match for the position.  I will be using NewHire again and again.” – Dave Younge – President of Progressive Stamping

Over the course of his recruitment for the Account Manager position, Progressive Stamping received a total of 89 candidates, and out of that pool, made a hire within three months.

Learn more about NewHire Elements here.

Read Dave’s full testimonial here.


Nicole Johnson


Nicole is the Advertising Coordinator for NewHire. She will get your advertising up and running in no time! Originally from Arizona, Nicole is a new Chicagoan adjusting to life in the city. Nicole loves to get crafty – from crochet to baking – she’s your go-to for all things handmade.

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