Evergreen Companies

Evergreen Recycling

Evergreen Companies is a recycling specialist that helps provide large businesses and manufacturers with cost effective waste and recycling solutions.

They employed NewHire to bring a Director of Sales on board. 290 applicants later, they had to call us up to shut down the advertising early! Here’s what their president, Tim Haugh, said about his experience:

"New Hire attracted about 290 applicants. You OMG ‘Recommended” about 40. I put those 40 through the Culture Index survey and about 12 matched out target profile. Of those 12, two were from out of state so I did not interview. Another dropped out. I interviewed (phone and then in person) the remaining 9 last week. We then narrowed the field to 4. They are being interviewed this week by the members of the leadership team that haven’t interviewed them yet. They will be reduced to 2 and they will to be interviewed by me and other leadership team members next week. With luck, we will have our Director of Sales by the end of next week.

So far, it seems like a great way to find and screen applicants. Of the 9 interviewed I think 8 were qualified and could have done the job. I am very satisfied with the quality of people we eventually sat with." --Tim Haugh, President