Staunton, Inc.


Staunton, Inc. is an industry leader in industry retail concepts and events for businesses ranging from brand name laptop and cell phone providers to smaller retail businesses. They used NewHire Elements to find a Project Manager for their Chicago office where "even the President sweeps the floor if needed." Here's what the President of Staunton had to say about his experience using NewHire.

"NewHire was presented to me as an alternative option to find new talent. I had become frustrated with the traditional approach and after trying to do it the old fashioned way I soon became unable to keep up. NewHire presented the flat fee approach which was nice and cheaper. We got to tailor the approach more than just resumes so we could filter through the 75+ responses on their easy-to-use online tool, and we had our "new hire" working with us within 2 weeks of receiving the response.

What I am excited about is when we grow, if we hire for that position again, we will pay only a third of the cost that time around which is were the real benefit exists. This also includes if we hire for positions in various cities."

-- Graeme Staunton, President