ICM Products

ICM Products

ICM Products is a rapidly growing company that brings innovative chemical solutions to customers with a wide variety of production needs. They used the NewHire full service recruiting model to find a 2nd Shift Production Supervisor. Tom Gawlik, the CFO at ICM Products, outlines his experience with NewHire below in a message to our President, Chuck Smith: 

"I wanted to relay to you my recent experience with NewHire. Our company, ICM Products, a midsized chemical manufacturing company located in a small town in southwest Michigan was in need of a 2nd shift production supervisor. After you and I had met at a business function and I had learned about your business, I decided to give the approach a try for this particular search.

We discussed the service options NewHire had available and we selected the comprehensive Professional package which provided advertising, candidate screening, phone interviews and on site interview scheduling. Your staff handled this process more than ably. We were presented with what we thought were some very strong candidates and actually ended up making an offer to one.

Because of this individual's technical background, we thought he would be a very good fit for the role. Unfortunately, after a few days he concluded he'd not be able to do what was required to perform the job (which we appreciated!). After this initial candidate didn't work out, NewHire continued to search for candidates and was able to surface a few more potential candidates for our review. We interviewed a couple more and made another offer to a candidate we thought would fit in well with our needs.

This individual accepted our offer, completed our pre-employment drug test and had provided a start date. When that start date arrived however, the employee didn't show. It took me a couple of days to connect with this gentlemen at which point he informed me he would not be taking the position because he had taken another job.

Obviously, we were disappointed by this turn of events and somewhat frustrated to be honest. I appreciated you contacting me shortly thereafter to discuss the situation. In my view, there was nothing flawed with the NewHire process creating these unfortunate outcomes. As a result, when you offered to provide a discount to your fees, I truly thought that wasn't necessary, but you insisted and we're very grateful for your kind gesture.

NewHire delivered what we had agreed to and I thought all your personnel were professional and very accommodating. Thanks for working with us on this search and though it didn't exactly work out for us, I'd certainly consider using your service again in the future."

-- Tom Gawlik, CFO