1. Prepare to Recruit - Know Who to Hire

recruiting idea1. Prepare to Recruit

Define your target candidate with a NewHire Expert

When you recruit and hire with NewHire, you get more than software. We’ll work with you to properly prepare to recruit! An expert at NewHire will map out the entire hiring process with you, helping you build a job profile and avoid costly mistakes.


Here’s how we prepare to find your next great hire:

✔ Understand the key duties, responsibilities, and work behaviors for success in the position

✔ Align key-decision makers on the hire

✔ Understand your company culture and articulate your Employee Value Proposition

✔ Write your job ad and screening questions

Candidate Landing Pages 

Your Candidate Landing page should be sharp, neat, and attractive. Too many steps in the process, like requiring candidates to login or create a username, will send candidates away. A single page application with an attractive job advertisement plus videos, images, and links where needed, will create a seamless experience for your candidate. NewHire experts will manage your recruitment marketing, focusing in on the features of your company and job that candidates care about.   

View a sample candidate landing page  and a sample company careers page.

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