Simple Pricing.

No per-head fees. No percentages. Pay for what you use. 

Every NewHire Plan Includes...

✓ Innovative candidate screening 
✓ Branded Careers Page
 Unlimited Candidate Landing Pages
 Confidential Hiring Option 

 Auto-reply email
 Candidate Sourcing Strategies
 Custom Pre-Screening Questions
 Unlimited Software Users

What is my pricing based on?

At NewHire, we base pricing on the number of job titles you have open and the level of service you need to fill those jobs. We won't charge you by the head or for a guarantee that you don't end up using. You'll pay for exactly what you need, when you need it. That is the NewHire way. 

How long is my commitment?

You can use NewHire on a monthly basis or an annual basis. No long term commitments or retainers. Whether your hiring needs are consistent and predictable or sporadic and infrequent, we’ll work to connect you to high quality talent for as long as you want and no longer.

What are my service-level options?

Whether you’re looking for: 

✓ Someone to take over every piece of the recruiting process (Full Service)
✓ A streamlined recruiting tool to help to make your next hire (Self Service)
✓ Or you fall somewhere in between (Customized Service) 

… we have a solution for you. Our process is designed to get the most out of your recruiting budget so that you can focus on the results: hiring great people. 

What makes NewHire's pricing different? 

NewHire offers a unique middle ground between expensive headhunters and low-cost job boards or applicant tracking sytems. We provide the candidates, the hiring tools, and the coaching to find the right person for every job at an affordable price.   

Where do I find my pricing?

We want to learn about your unique hiring needs and find the right solution for you. Request a Demo with a NewHire expert to get a full picture of which NewHire services are right for you. Or, if you're already familiar with our solutions, contact us to get a quote!

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