3 Ways Temps Make Your Bottom Line Happy!

Eddie Cantave —  October 2, 2012 — 1 Comment

By Eddie Cantave & Alicia Hall

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Despite the changes that the professional world has undergone in the last 60 years, the temp industry is alive and thriving.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professional and administrative services displayed the largest employment gains in July this year, creating more than 49,000 jobs, and of those jobs, almost a third (14,000) were temporary help positions.[i] The BLS also found that “temporary help services have recovered 98 percent of the jobs lost during the most recent downturn.”[ii]So why are so many companies turning to temp workers?  How do you know if bringing on a temp is right for you? We put together a short list to help you gauge whether working with a temp agency should be your company’s next move:

1. Your revenue stream is either cyclical or seasonal.

Many businesses work in cycles; they have times during the year when work slows, only to pick up later on. For these companies, it’s not always financially feasible to keep full-time employees during the downturns, but they also can’t stay understaffed when that surge hits. Temps allow companies the flexibility to meet the dynamic needs of their business cycle — bringing in extra hands when the need arises and letting them go when that need disappears. Since the temps are still employed by the agency, the separation process is as simple as a phone call to the agency alerting them that the project has ended and you no longer require your temps.

2. You need a new employee but want to “try before you buy.”

One truth about the workplace is that you never know how the person you just hired will do in their new position. All that the interviews, testing, and background checks do is stack the deck in your favor that you’ve hired the right person for the job. The only way to know for certain how someone is going to do is by actually seeing them work. By starting with a temp, you’ve given yourself the chance to evaluate a new worker to see if they fit into the role as expected. You can continue to “test drive” the temp for as long as it takes to convince you that the person is able to handle the responsibilities that you’ve given them. If, for whatever reason, the potential new employee doesn’t measure up, once again it’s a painless separation process that the agency handles for you.

3. You have a sudden surge in new business and don’t have the time to hire.

If your company is experiencing a sudden boom in business, you may need to bring in additional people just as quickly to handle the extra work. Even if you have a dedicated hiring manager, the process of bringing on new people takes a lot of time and energy – either of which may be in short supply. Unless that expansion is going to be a gradual and deliberate process, bringing on more hiring staff is not the immediate solution you need.  By working with a temp agency you have that immediate solution you’re looking for.  You have the ability to use multiple temps to fill as many positions as needed. If you know exactly what type of employee and skill sets you’re looking for, a good temp agency will find, screen, and send you qualified candidates to step into the roles you’re looking to fill.

Regardless of the economy, temp agencies will continue to offer a cost-effective solution to filling the labor needs of the business community, sparing them the time, money, and energy expense of the recruitment process.  They also give companies the flexibility to bring on additional workers when needed, and the freedom to separate from those workers when the need disappears.  In the end, working with a temp agency can be a boost to your bottom line as well as a time-saver, freeing you up to deal with other pressing needs.


NewHire is a recruiting software & services company, but we also provide temp workers to businesses around the Chicago area through NewOffice. Our temps are pre-screened and pre-qualified and we provide temp workers to fit a variety of business labor needs. Contact us for a quote.


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